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Nov 01, 2005 - 1330hrs UTC

1330hrs 01 Nov 2005 UTC 39’29”S 031’52”E Ref 510

Picture competition: change of plan – it has been suggested that we change the painting competition to a painting or drawing of anything you imagine from reading the logs – I think that’s a much better idea, so go for it. A portrait of a boot feral, perhaps?

From Malcom C.

When at Boatbook shop this morning finding out about Amsterdam call sign I bought a book by Vito Dumas, “”Alone through the Roaring Forties””.  An Argentinian who in June1942 (yep in middle of WW2) set sail from Buenos Aires to Capetown (55 days), Cape Town to Wellington (104 days) Wellington to Valparaiso (72 days) Valparaiso to Me del Plata via Horn (37 days).  All this solo in a 31 foot ketch rigged yacht, “”Legh II”” finishing at Mar del Plata in July 1943. You’re retracing his route at present.  Interesting ideas for yr book.

Malcom – I have Vito Dumas’ book. Astonishing bloke, and he went the whole way around using an old raincoat as his wet weather gear. There’s a boat in Hobart that looks very like Legh II and may have been built that way.

From Peter S.

Any ideas where I can obtain a scale drawing of Berrimill or other Brolga 33? I have searched the web without result.
I intend doing a computer drawing but need to have the measurements right before I start. I can use the web photos for details and colors.

Peter S, as far as I know, there are no scale drawings of a Brolga. I asked Peter Joubert and he has no plans. Brian Shilland has a sail plan and there may be something in an old Sailing Mag that we were told about but that’s all. Do any of the BOGgers out there know of a set of plans or scale drawings – please let us know.

From Bernie B.

An ode from Horace, a Roman philosopher (I think 79AD).

Happy the man,
And happy he alone,
He who can call today his own,
He who secure within can say,
Tomorrow do thy worst for I have live today.

 Keep it going boys. The technology might be different from Shakeltons time, but the fortitude, guts and tenacity is the same.

Bernie, thanks for Horace.

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