FROM 2-6. Tuktoyaktuk-Cambridge Bay

NWP just over the horizon 6955 13209

Berri once again fat with fuel and food and cleansing agents, on our way to Cape Bathurst, where, for me, the NW Passage really begins. I’ve just been talking to Peter Semotiuk in Cambridge Bay on the sked he runs for foolish persons like us who do silly things up here. I actually heard Tyhina as well – he’s over in the Baffin sea coming this way. Peter says there’s no ice between here and CB and it’s starting to move further east so we’re hoofing it across as fast as we reasonably can. Wind dead on the nose – as you’d expect – Amodino a couple of miles ahead and so far so good. But appendages, you lot!

Carla – hot stuff really good – Izz – Japanese and one other non fattening Restaurant offering – too hard to delve for it…Doug – tks for Catalina story – easy to imagine and weren’t those guys skilful! Check the rather sad story of the Akutan Zero. Pat – great blogs and how’s the brew going?? Megan – should be working hard on the speed. Hope the books were ok – Tks Mr Jackson! H – cake no 2 on the cusp. After C.Bathurst.

All we need now is Prostetnic Jeltz and his band of lugubrious poets in their yellow slimeballs to come and blast some ice from Peel Sound to build a wormhole for Franklin’s ghost to time travel and all should be Cool and Froody. Umm…perhaps they could upload the Examiner as well and read her some poems on the way to Squornshellous Zeta. And maroon her there. Yay!


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