FROM 1-26. Through the Barn Door

Oct 26, 2005 – 0730hrs UTC │ Pink Albatross

0730hrs 26 Oct 2005 UTC 37’16”S 018’37”E Ref 487

Lily the Pink, the Pink, the Pink, saviour of the human race with her medicinal compound – has anyone ever seen a pink Albatross? Well I have and completely without any help from Lily – just after sunrise this morning, all pink and orange and flame in a softly misty east, and we have a couple of small dark topped albatrosses wheeling around, together with the fifty or so big black petrels. The Albatrosses were doing low passes and banking up and away just on our beam and – for an instant as they lifted, the sunrise was reflected off their white undersides so they were truly pink – magic. Worked for the petrels as well, but not so obvious against their black feathers. One of them had a drop of water on its beak and, again for an instant, there was a prismatic flash – rather like the hollywood gimmick that makes the good guy’s teeth flash for a moment. Wish I hadn’t thought of that!

We’ve spent all night going up and down to nowhere. Same again, I think for the rest of today, with a bit of promise for tomorrow. Still 66 miles to the barn door. We saw our first ship since the CV’s too – came up on the AIS in SoB @ about 16 miles. Big cargo ship, 185 mtrs,  bound for Xiamen in China, called Thor Energy. I spoke to them – the Deck Officer sounded completely uninterested. But that’s about 5000 miles without seeing a ship – big empty ocean. Wouldn’t it be fun if the old Titan Uranus appeared over the horizon.

Today we finished the supply of bacon for breakfast – suitably washed down, wrapped in yesterday’s bread. Not bad – 66 days out from Falmouth.

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