FROM 1-26. Through the Barn Door

Oct 28, 2005 - 1600hrs UTC

1600hrs 28 Oct 2005 UTC 37’39”S 022’43”E Ref 497

Rioting in the aisles – fireworks on the rooftops – alby poo all over Kevvo (L, J, & H – he forgot to tweak!) – we’ve just picked up our first Australian voice on the radio! Wooooohooooo! Gerry Fitz asked us to check whether we could pull in the Australian Bureau of Meteorology broadcast from Wiluna in W.A. (how far is that from Kojonup??) and here they are large as life on 6 megs. Hear them? Don’t they sound good? We’re on the home stretch, no matter how difficult it gets.

From Peter D.

I am a neighbour of Alex and wish them Godspeed to get back here to go to Hobart. Just for the record Alex knows I have done the journey from Capetown to Melbourne in an Robb designed 39fot cutter – in 1972. We left May 3rd and arrived dockside Melbourne July 1st. 59 days. Th yacht was similar to a LION class just a foot or two longer. We didnt have an engine to motor through quiet spots – but there werent many. I was worried about Alex around the Agulhas Banks – and am glad they are clearing that area where the warm current moving down the East Coast of Africa meets the cold currents of the Southern ocean.

Of other interest, I had a phone call from one of the Hercules crew that was involved in a rescue mission for some Japanese fishermen shipwrecked near Isle St Paul (just below Amsterdam Island). These two islands are about half way between Afica and Aus. That rescue was in 1995 and RAAF Hercules bloke described St Paul as very steep sided on the west, being then like the top of a volcano, but spilling far more gently into the sea on the eastern side. In fact there is a sea entrance into the centre of te volcano, so one can wax lyrical about a Tahition island – alas no maidens, so no inhabitants, temporary or permanent. There is a single shed on the island – the history of why and how and when may be fascinating. In any case I am hoping to get hold of some photographs taken from the Hercules, of the island. I could then scan and email to you or Alex and Peter if that would work, and if they want.

 If you would like that to happen please let me know and I shall do my best this end

Peter D, thanks for offer of pics – Steve will contact you. Wish we had time to sail into the volcano of St Paul. Sounds fascinating.

Gerry, will write separately. For anyone else with a dead Merlin, it seems that Boatbooks in Sydney can restore their programs.  Sadly, mine was full of salt water and burst teabags and I’m sure it’s really dead. But at the risk of seeming greedy, Martin and Kevin, yes please. I’d love to have a backup one. The sense of loss was deep and meaningful – it is such an exquisite and useful gadget.

The very much land locked year2/3 class in Kojonup,W.A. are following your adventures. We have the atlas out and read your log-updates. The photo gallery is fantastic and we are inspired by the descriptions of the storms, the birds and other wildlife. You remind us of Robert the Bruce, Shackleton and Scott,and other heroes, all had that “”never say die”” attitude! GO GUYS!

And huge G’day to class 2/3 at Kojonup, W.A. – nice to know that you are interested and following us. If you want to write to us and tell us about Kojonup, we will try to answer. You are the third school that we know is following us – there’s one in England and one in Sydney as well as you. I wonder if there are any more.

From Jo

 I have been meaning to mention that I was aboard the Sydney 38 Cuckoos Nest (MYC2 – the boat on the left of Fitness First Sting) on the Berri home page.  With the Lord Howe race starting Saturday, it’s a bit hard to believe that was two years ago !

 Jo, thanks for checking in! We can put you in touch with the others if you like.

Jennifer, you guys snuck out of that little contretemps rather neatly! I thought we were done for a moment there.

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