FROM 2-14. Cape Town-Kerguelens


It will be close. We are about 14 – 18 hours from Baie de LOiseau on present progress but the wind is dying. That would put us there in the dark – tricky in a gale. There certainly won't be any moonlight. There's a nasty front coming in from the west with 30+ knots in it – not clear (never is!) exactly what path it will take. Options, therefore are first, slow down and let it go through (the dying wind might enforce this one anyway). I don't have a good enough digital chart to get in close at night and doing it on a paper chart in the black dark is not feasible. Option 2, if the wind holds, get in as close as we can in daylight and have a look. Then, if it seems ok, get behind the peninsula and either shelter or try for the Baie. If not ok, stand off to the north, cop the blast and either try again for the Baie tomoz when/if it's gone through or, if our stand off has taken us too far down wind, head for Port aux Francais.

Malcom, no need to copy to B2 if you send direct.

As I write, the 'slow down' option firms by the moment but things change so fast that – well, who knows? We'll play it back to the bowler. Watch this space.

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