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Personal email address and other stuff

If anyone wants to contact me direct for the time being, my email address is – please feel free to use it.

There is a short term Plan evolving – I am going to California for a week in April to rendezvous with Leroy, Pascal (who drew the little map that started this latest silliness) Keith Cowing ( and Pat Hahn from Nome. No doubt there will be serious Consulting, but I want to cut some video  interviews as well, to splice into the Berri Galactic Guide Video that our friend Matt at NASA Ames has generously offered to put together for us.

If any of you have burnng questions you want answered by any of these legends, flick them to me in the next couple of weeks please. Or just interesting questions related to their involvement with Berri.

Steve Jackson, may his name be in lights for evermore, has finally persuaded Google to give us control of David Speed's website (which we lost when he died) so that we can clear the spam. There are over 1100 spam postings and unless any nerd out there has a better idea, it's one by one, with the obligatory "Are you sure…?" Bleeeah!

ET, please call!

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