FROM 2-14. Cape Town-Kerguelens

Poesy orf for ther mo.

Position 0630 7th 3913 03906 trip 115 DMG 116! YAY! Progress and maybe even a smidge of current. Cook arrived at Christmas Harbour, Kerguelen, 25 days out from Cape Town. He did not know until much later that the French had already named it Baie de L'Oiseau after Kerguelen's frigate which got there first. Would be interesting to look at his track – he would have had less difficulty with 50 knot squalls and following seas. The quickest we could do it would be around 29 days if we decide to go.

Queer goings on abroad – there were distinct thick muddy brown streaks in the green ocean at 3906S 03847E. Thought at first I was hallucinating. They were a couple of metres wide, maybe 20 – 30 metres long, parallel, in line with our course of roughly east (T) and several metres apart and seemed to be shallow. No oily spectrum but the water was smoother. No solid matter that I could see. Hard to tell how far they extended. Don't know where they started but I noticed them through the window and went up to have a look. From when I first saw them, perhaps 500 metres till they stopped. Faint smell of something but could not identify. No AIS contacts but could be fishing boat emptying bilge perhaps?

About to pull in the next grib when I send this. The first of the critical ones that will inform the decision about the dive south to Kerguelen.

Christmas Day in Addis. Happys up there!

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