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Later – 3243.24 17126.41
We’re hove to waiting for this swirl of dragons blast to go away. Wind 25 kts 050M, our heading is 310M and we’re fore reaching 283M towards northern Japan at 1.2 kts. Just might make it in time for the finish of the next Melbourne Osaka race in three years time…There was no way we could make reasonable headway into a truly awful sea – nothing severe, but short, confused, steep, occasionally breaking and dumping on us. Poor Berri pounding and flexing and not happy. So we’re parked until something improves. Could be a day or so, but the grib indicates tomorrow morning. McQ asleep, I’ve had a shave, done the boat chores and will work away at some other things on the list.

Last night full on – I’ve never seen cloud rushing past the moon like that – cloud base must have been about 500 ft to get the perspective. You know, perhaps, how a non stop train blitzing through a station seems to be going very much faster than you expect, sometimes. This cloud was like that. One lovely few moments – tiny clear patch, moon in full glory, silver sky all around and ice crystal halo. Tiny wisps of high cloud, the whole patch surrounded by black, beetling blasting monsters – and then it was gone. Next watch spent out of the cockpit taking out reefs, re running tweakers, sorting messes and tidying up – immensely hard work, because every movement needed bracing against wild gyrations and dumping waves. Soaked. And next watch, McQ in charge, wind came back from the N and put it all back in again. So we considered the options and here we are. Quiet and peaceful, although, inevitably, some wild rolling occasionally.

H – can’t think of any snail mail stuff, thanks. xx

Carla, thanks so much for sorting the email. Moot point as to whether it was spam – to me, all unsolicited commercial email is spam and anathema! Will write today – post caffeination. And perhaps part 2 of 1000 years in a day.

Kimbra – for Dave and Karl – again, huge thanks for all that useful info. If we ever get to Dutch, or Seattle, there will be Consultation and Discussion.

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