FROM 1-22. Still heading south south east

Sep 28, 2005 – 0930hrs UTC

0930hrs 28 Sep 2005 UTC 17’36”S 026’50”W Ref 391

DB: 113, 9002 (gps 116) day 39/71.

If we have the plan worked out correctly, this is the equivalent point to our departure fromPort Stanley. It took us 71 days to get toFalmouth. We’re in a soft spot, #2, full main, bright sunshine, tracking 200M and for the first time for days, no water over the deck so we can open a hatch and blow away some of the greenish gases. We are now significantly south of the sun and it is definitely getting cooler. Woohoo.

We have started to open some of the Ryvita biscuits we brought fromSydney- they have been given a huge bashing, even in their big plastic bins, and some of the packets have chafed and let in moisture. Big plastic bins are fine when the store room isn’t moving, but they crack and split very easily when subjected to any lateral stress (of which they get heaps) or twisting. So they are all damaged – but much better than nothing. If we’d had time – and knew better – an individual ziplock bag for each packet would have been the go – are you listening, Brian and Jen??

Propagation improving – You will get this via sailmailChileorAfrica. Another milestone.Chileis CEV773,Africais RC01.

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