FROM 1-22. Still heading south south east

Sep 30, 2005 – 0915hrs UTC

0915hrs 30 Sep 2005 UTC 20’57”S 026’18”W Ref 397

DB 102, 8795 GPS108, 41/69

Bleeaah! Raining, bleak, cold, wind comes and goes from 5kt to 25. Water temp 22 deg. Have to get out there and hand steer at the low end – big swells from at least three directions and poor Kevvo gets the yips. More or less heading for a waypoint at 30 S, 23 W which seems to be where it may all start to happen. That’s 600 miles or about a week away and everything could change. But we’re moving and we will pass quite close to young Henry in about 5 days time. Looking forward to saying G’day.

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