FROM 2-3. Dutch Harbor (Aleutians)

SFSG – Big A at the Grand A

All a bit boring, but it's been my life for the last three days…

Forgot to mention that the shaft coupling bolts worked twice. I had to
take it all apart again because an electrical wire had snuck under the
shaft where it would have died extreeemely quickly if not sorted.

Filled the gearbox with dexron 3 and started the thing. Water leaking
around the exhaust, both ends of the new tube. Also from inlet hose.
Stop engine, tighten the hose clips and add another one at the top of
the exhaust. Seemed ok so put it into gear and heard satisfactory
clunk. First box ticked. Opened the throttle gently and Berri started
to strain against the springs and stern line and seaweed was streaming
past. Opened the throttle wide for a few seconds and all ok. Repeated
process in reverse. All boxes ticked. Phew!

On the strength of which, I went way out to Alaska Ship Supply to
collect sump oil and 100 litres worth of plastic jerries. Lucky I did
not need to change the oil in the Pacific – the stuff we brought a
quarter of the way around the world was definitely not the good oil -
SAE 30, not 15. Changed the oil and the filter and will change the
coolant when the engine is cold tomoz.PMcQ – decided the situation
demanded a smally Con from The McQueen. Noice.Soothing for the

And tomorrow, I'll take Berri out into the harbour and give the box a
bit of a workout to make sure it all seems to be stuck together
properly. And post the old one back to Sydney for a refund, perhaps.
Then maybe a day off to climb Ballyhoo or whatever. Will try to take
some video. Wx indeterminate but we won't wait too long.

mjc – feels like the 1760's this far out. Carla – Right on, kiddo!

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