FROM 2-16. Hobart-Sydney

Sunday too far away

A poke in the eye from the Examiner – we are not going to make an 0830 Sunday entrance into Sydney. Poo – and sorry to everyone who might have been making arrangements. Late Sunday is still possible if we get lucky up the coast but we will have to call into Eden for fuel whatever happens. ETA Eden around 2100 tomorrow. The good side of that from our point of view is that we will be able to pick up a sackful of fresh mussels and a box of screech to cook them in…

I think Monday for Sydney is more likely.

Chris H and Kari's mob in Eden and anyone at The Magnet – would be good to say G'day if you are reading this and around. Chris, I have your phone number, but not Kari's with me. We won't be there for long if conditions up the coast are still good.

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