FROM 2-14. Cape Town-Kerguelens

Super quickie

Have we ever been lucky – so far – we got in at just the right time – glorious weather for three days including Baie de L’Oiseau and tomorrow it blows – 60 knots forecast. Poor Berri tied by long, heavy plaited lint to mooring buoy with the line looped round both foredeck cleats and on to itself, bridle strops back to main winches, eerything tied down, 2 lashings on the furled headsail and we cross the fingere it will be ok. Not a lot we can do if not, so we’re going off around the Baie for the trip of a lifetime from 0600, returning about 11 hours later when the wind is forecast to come in.

A seal wobbled past my window today – 300 metres up the hill from the water. I have video to prove it. Smashing day all round.

Amazing place – I wish I could spend a year here with a laptop and a couple of cameras.

Doug, I’ve given all your papers and the Dagelet article to Renaud Huez – long story – who will understand them and make them available here. He will contact you but please send me your email address asap if you read this.

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