FROM 2-3. Dutch Harbor (Aleutians)

Testing Comms

Here in the radio room, we’re getting geared up for the next stretch.

Today has been a very special one. My old friend Duncan, who, two years ago was terribly injured by a Pains – Wessex white handflare. With the help of many friends and real stars and the sensational singers and actors from the London School of Speech & Drama, tonight, put on a show at the open air Chiltern Shakespeare Theatre. He Produced it. What a great night. This he did to raise money for the Wexham Park Hospital Ventilator Fund. A project started by his devoted wife, Sally, who kept vigil by his bedside for 10 months (5 in intensive care). Duncan, was kept alive by one of these machines. Sally (and you don’t argue with her) decided that they needed another one. Which they do. They cost £35,000 each. And, we’re nearly there now. At the time of the accident, I was filming Duncan, demonstrating the safe use of distress signals. We were making a Yachtmaster/Day Skipper DVD for our pension funds. So captured on video was the last shot when everything went so desperately wrong. You may well be asking yourselves, ‘what’s all this got to do with Berrimilla’? Lots. Duncan had made contact with Alex, during the first Berrimilla adventure with Pete and of course like all of us, had become a fan. After the accident, Alex, made it his business to visit Duncan, in hospital on several occasions. This, from half way across the World. Lifting his will to live by miles, well nautical miles really. Because that’s what Alex does.

I was filming tonight’s event. Under normal circs, I never use a tape twice. But that which once recorded a scene of horror has been erased with singing and joy. Free at last.

We are all of us connected.


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