FROM 2-6. Tuktoyaktuk-Cambridge Bay

The Berri had just left Tuk


Timing continues to look perfect. Queen Maud 'let go' its ice two days ago which will clog any lee wind side. (Now the eastern side is clogged) By the time you skate through it should be completely open. We'll continue to hope the ice to the north of Queen Maud  stays firm and does not get pushed south until you are through.Peel ice also looks broken and drifted south  but does not appear to be clogging anything new. Its just disappearing. Gjoa Haven and Spence Bay are looking inviting. I still think you will make it. Your next 1000 miles may be painfully slow. (After the Bering blitz) Wish I were there.

Our beer is looking inviting. 

Brewed on Saturday. It's burping away! I just sat there watching it. Its like watching the ocean or a fire place. Peaceful. How does one wait 3 months after its bottled? I think one has to have at least a dozen kits to keep the supply in order. Clark is eyeing it. 3 months may be impossible. I think a bottle from Pete's empty supply needs to be filled with Nome brew and sent south of the equator.


I'm not sure you are getting ice reports. My opions mean nothing if you are. Its just fun to be involved at any level.
Give the ladies a hug for us.

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