FROM 2-3. Dutch Harbor (Aleutians)

The Hall of the Grand Illusion

Therer seems to be a pattern to Berri's long trips – at least one use
of the trisail in anger, at least one unscheduled stop, communication

Diagnosis – I have arrenged for a diver to look at Berri's prop and to
check for any evidence of other damage, but I think it is unlikely he
will find anything, unless it is evidence of attachment and
entanglement with diaphanous Inquisitorial underwear or, more likely,

The real cause of our problem seems to be a set of worn shims in the
gearbox – perhaps from aforesaid possible entanglement – and John
Witchard has started the rather difficult process oif building us
another gearbox and getting it here. I think it would be irresponsible
to try to wing it with the current one, even though it works fine most
of the time, so I think we will be here for a few more days at least,
probably a couple of weeks. Ther boxes can be exchanged without
lifting the boat or the engine, but it will be a squeeze. But once
again, Onya John. Amazing service and an astonishingly reliable little

And we need to reassess – perhaps bypass Nome altogether and go
straight to Barrow – certainly no sign of a showstopper yet, but all
depends on what we can do while we are here.

More tomrrow after thre diver. I've seldom ever been so knackered and
I'm off back to Berri for a couple more hours zizzery.

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