FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

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Still motoring. Wind very slowly coming in from the SW. Big, confused swell from all points. It’s been a long, hot day. Put the trisail up in its new track to make sure no adjustments needed. Looks good – always better to do these things when conditions benign. Swapped checkstay to port side. Put bungee on starboard shrouds (to . prevent the leeward, loose shrouds from swinging around and fracturing at the lower swages). Rather tedious and dull report – sorry!

Kimbra – for D & K & T,
Gents, thanks for your wise counsel. Several things to run past you, if I may – Karl, I don’t know what tracking system the fishing fleet uses, but we have SatC which can be tracked – our mobile number is 450302047 and I’ll leave it turned on for the duration. It’s a passive system and we can’t track other boats.
Our to-do list for Dutch includes the following:
- Buy 800 beers or the local pan galactic equivalent for Dave, Karl and Tom if he’s in town
- Slip the boat and try to get an ice guard fitted around the prop. Thought it better to get local experts to do rather than second guess from Sydney.
- Find a sailmaker, for relatively minor repairs (or at least someone with an industrial sewing machine)
- Also an electrical engineer to refurbish the motor on our backup watermaker. Not essential.
- Find a computer geek to help restore laptop – not essential but would like to have for backup.
- Get internet access – at the small boat harbour perhaps?
- Find a chandler – lots of stuff
- Buy a 2 or 2.5 hp outboard
- buy a rifle
- plus refuelling, restocking, contacting local and Canadian weather and ice forecasters, and all the other stuff that we’ll need to do to get out of there by June 14 at the latest.
- buy another 800 beers….

Any comments or advice would be appreciated.

Looks as if we’ll be north of the good ISS flypast. Pity. And it will almost certainly be cloudy where we are going.

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