FROM 2-6. Tuktoyaktuk-Cambridge Bay



Go go go! Go to Spence bay.
The Queen is open. One small band of 2/10 loose ice. Go right across the middle.There is a small pool of heavier ice on the SE side of Maud. East side of King William is all wide open.

The last gut is the the west side of Boothia. (Franklin St.) Not open yet, but this weather should have kicked it good. It has to be ready to go and should open about when you arraive. Wide open through Peel to Resolute. The moving ice at Resolue melted as I hoped. Nothing chocked up. Eastern Parry still wide open with a few floaters around. East side of Somerset closed. No Bellot Strait.

The bit of weather above Boothia has moved NW to over Resolute. It’s still a kick-ass system for the northern islands, breaking ice up where you need it broken.

Both Gjoa Haven and Spence Bay show SSW winds at 10mph and 10C. (Still warm!) Resolute 30 to 40 mph out of the W. 40F

Winds across the queen will be confussed. West at first… L to the south, H to the north.


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