FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

Update from the radio room 21:50 Z

Just received call from Alex. They are hooning along (running before 20kts) on direct course for Dutch. Expect to arrive @ noon local time today (that’s yesterday for most of us). Confusing, it will be. Their local is 14:50 now. So add 10 hours to zulu and that will be their noon time. Of course if you’re in the USA, you may well be asleep at the time of arrival. On the other hand, if your in Oz, you’ll be settling down to Neighbours at 18:00. Carla, the Oracle, has supplied us with ground zero webcam links (see gustbook). And I’m aware that at least 7000 people are sitting out there like a tree full of Owls awaiting the arrival in real time fogvision. So set your alarms and don’t miss it. Should any of this not make sense, please resist the temptation to point it out. I’ve had enough advice for one lifetime, thank you.
PS: What he actually said was noon tomorrow – so that could be the day after. Mind you; all above calculations still apply by adding 24 hours. Going for a lie down before breakfast……….

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