FROM 2-14. Cape Town-Kerguelens

Very quick update

Departed Baie de L'Oiseau 0215 utc heading for Port aux Francais. Alternative was to wait for the next big blow with 40 kts in it and perhaps stuck there indefinitely.

Major problem with kelp everywhere – trying to stay in deep water. Half an hour of furious work with chart, plotter and pencil transferring a string of waypoints to the computer – Cook had the same problem but he did not have a chart and sent Discovery ahead to find a way through.

Bright sunlight again – snow on Presqu'ile de la Societe de Geographie and Cook Glacier just visible behind it. We could not have picked a better day – so far!

Could be a long day – we both have to stay awake but opportunities between waypoints for one or other to grab half an hour if we get lucky.

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