FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

Water now brown…

We’re 73 miles from my waypoint. Grib says that the wind goes north tomorrow morning with some attitude (therefore potentially wind over tide so opportunity for renewed pearshapedness), we have flood tide tomorrow morning, we are due there around 0100 ADT – iff I’ve got the time right – I’m juggling with UTC, Speedy time (UTC + 1) Kimbra time for tides (UTC -10) and ADT (UTC – 8) and my cheesebrain gets confused. But it does look as if we have one good chance of pushing through early tomorrow AGW. Every appendage crossed please, applicable or no! Still no worthwhile wind and I’m playing the tiny bit there is for all its worth to squeeze inches out of it. Motor just above half revs from the feel and sound and I hope being very frugal while keeping 4 knots clicking over. McQ just off watch and asleep so can’t ask re BAPTO.

Water sludge brown – must be the edge of the tidal flow from the Bering. Still lots of kelp around. Woolly overcast, patches of light on the water, long rolled almost tubes of fluff SE to NW, rain cloud to the west. Thin dark line of cloud on the horizon to port that wishful thinking tries to make into Amchitka Island but cheesebrain knows that we won’t be able to see it from 60 miles.

Have spoken to Lacy Plummer, Harbourmaster at Adak – we have permission to enter from US Customs – yeehaa. Apparently there are 2 sailboats (when in Rome!) in Adak from Australia. Amazing.

MJC – of course! How could I have forgotten!

Speeds – agree absolutely about some aspects of sailing engineering. There’s also the ego side that shaves tolerances in order to win…

I’ll try to keep these updated but it may get busy, particularly in the pass.

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