FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

WooooHooo-ish 1021.31 16416.44

The first almost cloudless night for ages and ages. Still humid and some haze but the universe is out there with attitude. Because of the haze, the stars don’t have that magic clarity and definition you sometimes get out here but wonderful to behold. The Milky Way – that slash of dolphin phosphorescence across the whole sky, with (I think) Saturn just below it to the SE, Squornshellous Zeta up high and the Frogstar lurking green and slimy in the Coal Sack. Kakrafoon just rising in the east and I’ve just heard the first bars from the band…No sign of Prostetnic Jelz and his fleet of yellow ships filled with ruthless poets, but we do have McQ down here offering strong competition – if you can’t find a Vogon, she’s clearly in good trim. Early each evening, we have Polaris ahead, under the great Bear and climbing every night, with the Cross astern and dipping. Orion in all his splendour out to port and dear old Betelgeuese doing his red giant act in one corner.

We’ll cross 11 N in about 6 hours. Too early for a full on WOOOHOOO but perhaps a little anticipatory one. We keep being headed – average track at the mo back to a bit west of North. Interesting to see how far we can climb if the wind drops a bit and the seas abate.

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