FROM 2-3. Dutch Harbor (Aleutians)

Wouldn’t you know!

One step at a time Mick – and a bit of trial and error and I
discovered that there's one bolt on the gearbox flange that I can't
no-how get a spanner on. I've curled myself into the tiny space around
the side of the donk, squeezed over the top, borrowed extensions from
Dave, and in one particularly contorted position I can just feel the
socket and the bolt into contact but there's no way that I can get
them to engage – and even if I could, getting it done up again would
be one of those things that might end up with crossed threads and the
beginning of disaster.

And I'm one big bruise where pointy bits of the donk engage with my
ribs — a long and often frustrating day for me, but McQ and Kimbra
found some silicone spray and McQ went up the mast and sorted the
track and they are getting the 30 or so paper charts we will need for
the NWP in order. And they cooked dinner on the boat, using some of
our perishable broccoli and other goodies, with some boxed hamburger
bits left over from a meal at ther Grand.

So – today is lifting the engine and movfing it forwards into the
cabin. Dave B is going to help and lend us a chain hoist and we will
use the boom as a crane, properly stabilised. We can't rest the engine
on its sump because it has a valve under it, so we will organise
blocks to stand it on. I think I have worked out what else has to be
disconnected, but we'll work it out as we go. IFF it all works, and we
get the box off, we then have to dismantle the various levers and the
flywheel flange to put back on the new one when it arrives. So all
hands to the pumps this morning.

And then – and then we have to put it all back together.

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