FROM 1-6. Below 50S

Feb 21, 2005 – 1316hrs UTC

Sitrep: 1316hrs 21 Feb 2005 UTC 46’52”S 121’06”W Map Ref 74

It’s feely-gropey time – no generator so major conservation exercise – instruments & satcomC only, no gps, no lights except masthead at night (LED, so only draws 0.2 amp) and laptop only in small doses. And I suppose that’s what they are – I’ve grown used to having all youse all out there to talk to (at??) and deprivation is setting in. Feely-gropey also as we are working out what we can get away with, so careful monitoring of battery state, diesel supply and amperage for the next couple of days and I hope to be able to stay in touch. May have to curb verbosity. No breadmaking, no watermaker (needs power and boat heeling too much)and getting colder by the day as we move south.

Beam reaching under #4 only in gusty 35-40kt from the west, really need to change down to #5 so when pete wakes. Wind roaring in rig, halyards vibrating and the boat shaking. Hard to sleep, especially if you’re me and listening to it all analytically. Black and cold and was raining. Big beam sea, occasional dumpers – which have been finding their way thro mast boot to my bunk (I’ve moved out of the quarterberth to port bunk) so now hiding behind big orange prophylactic sheet deck to roof. Life’s little trials. We’ve started our dive at least 800 miles sooner than intended and don’t really know what to expect – somewhat scary. Wind should come round to S later today & NW tomorrow, probably same strength. Between low to S and remains of high to N. Grey and rather dismal dawn just arriving.

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