2nd Voyage Summary


The voyage was first conceived as a passage from Sydney, Australia to Falmouth, UK via the North West Passage, with a stop over on Devon Island to meet up with a group of NASA scientists to witness a total solar eclipse on 1 August 2008. The scientists are part of the Haughton-Mars Project, hence Berrimilla’s blog was titled ‘Berrimilla Down-Under-Mars”

Berrimilla’s second circumnavigation started on April 10th 2008. She sailed direct to Alaska from Sydney and then via the North West Passage to Falmouth, UK where she was laid up for the winter. The original intention was to return north of Russia to the Bering Strait – the NE Passage – but the permit to do so arrived to late to complete the voyage safely before the winter freeze. Berrimilla sailed her second Fastnet race and returned to Australia via Lisbon, Cape Town and the Kerguelen Islands.

She returned to Australia via the Cape of Good Hope in 2010.

Voyage Highlights