FROM 1-2. Hobart (Tasmania)-Dunedin (NZ)

Jan 24, 2005 – 1700hrs | Dunedin, NZ.

Home of the House of Pain…

We are still on track for high tide departure on Wed 26 (approx 0300UTC) Fixes so far = new ST60 wind and boat speed speed transducers ( supplied by Quay [?Key?] Marine Boat chandlers, Auckland +64 9 415 8303

– new tiller autopilot: old one was almost karked and seemed sensible to buy – the things do run off wind angle so potentially v useful in big waves

– New windicator

– masthead all round light fitting drained of water (came in thro the drainhole…) and working again

– complete new set of stanchions thanks to BobWatt, genius S/S welder and fixer (if you need him, ask at Otago YC)

– refurbished gooseneck fitting

– some major fixes inside – new sink taps and pumps which died…BIG cleanup

– complete repack – still going on

– hold downs for anything moveable – nav table lid, icebox tops, sextant…

– bunkboards screwed down (tomorrow’s job)

– food packed in weekly ready use bags rather than by category, so can extract a week bag from its hole and stow it in ready use bin – this was on the cards in Hobart but fell of the table cos I was too busy/ silly to organise

– mainsail hole mended

– spare turbine for ampair towed generator

– minor re=adjustments to Stainless Kevvo to help eliminate chafe

Boring lists.

The people of Dunedin have been friendly, amazingly helpful, interested, competent and all round nice to know. Officials from Customs and Min. of Agriculture and Forests have been professional, co-operative, helpful and have gone out of their way to assist whenever possible. Thanks everyone.


Kevin Martin. Manager of the Otago YC – +64 3 477 1255 – has been available, friendly and helpful and made it all possible

Bert Youngman and Sandra Francis who run Ramsay Lodge Backpackers where we are staying – both sailors and Bert drives us to and from the boat every day and does heaps more too.

Bob Watt – see above – s/s welder everything else you need to know except that Speight’s Distinction Ale has real merit – if only they sold it in cans, we’d have to consider making some space for it somewhere.

Enough of this nonsense – Thanks for your messages – got to go and eat

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