FROM 1-7. Near the Horn

Mar 01, 2005 - 1400hrs UTC

Sitrep: 1400hrs 01 Mar 2005 UTC 54’22”S 100’40”W Map Ref 90

From Malcom C.
Hi Guys, I’ve seen no mention of the bike powered generator during the power shortages. Was the bike ditched at some stage?
When you round the Horn will you be out in the Drake passage or will you be closer inshore over the shelf or is the route you take (inshore or offshore) going to be swell and weather dependant?
Kinda be nice to have a squiz at Tierra del Fuego as you go by. The only description I can remember is from a Biggles book when, for some forgettable reason, Biggles briefly ended up there. Can’t remember the title though.
With a bit more juice available you could have had “”yachtie cam”” to get up your website hit rate among the voyeurs (mind you they would have to be pretty weird voyeurs) or virtual voyagers. Then again, people might think that Berrimilla was on a set in a film studio somewhere. Maybe that’s it; You’ve been hanging out at Fox Studios for the past two months.
It is challenging coming up with a memorable email that will get a mention in the book you write about your voyage. Perhaps you should run a competition while en route.

Some questions answered: Malcom, if we ever get to the Horn, we’ll be as close in as possible and will probably go between Staten Is and TdF afterwards. The rats at Fox are tastier than those in the southern ocean! Yes to your first question, long story, and regret the decision but can’t elucidate here.

From Colin:

Good to hear your intentions! See you at Constitution Dock later in the
year! Jenny Starling has about 20 (uncontacted) Brolgas lined up, she is
threatening to keelhaul misusers of the acronym BOG, but my daughter
suggests a newsletter called The Bog Paper. Keep plugging away. I thought
you were two-handing this trip, but it seems you have a full medical crew
on board judging by the various consultations made!

Colin – full marks to your daughter – I like The Bog Paper – just catches the mood perfectly. And it could go out in broadsheet (elephant’s dunny paper or kitchen roll) or tabloid format too…

From Tim V., to Stephen, webmaster
I am a friend of Pete from Paddo.
My business partner does a bit of work for the Falkland Islands government and has placed a number of Australians in jobs (mainly agricultural) on the Islands. He has put me in touch with a couple he placed a few years ago who appear to have ‘gone native’ and have settled there after their contract expired. They are going to buy a bit of booze for me to supplement the Dr on the next leg from Stanley
The purpose of this email is to ask when the lads think they will arrive in Stanley?
I must say I have been a bit reluctant to send them an email – flatten the battery or sink the satellite etc, however Jeanne tells me you edit messages and forward them on, so if you wouldn’t mind sending them a very brief “”Good luck from us all at 31 Comber Street and the dog””.

Tim – thanks for your background work on our behalf – again, if we ever get there, we plan to be in theFalklandsfor about a week. We have some minor work to do, a lot of shopping for fresh goodies and laundry etc. and we will be looking for about 10 20 litre jerrycans for extra diesel.

From Simon B – Digiboat to Stephen, webmaster:

I’m looking forward to exploring his site a bit later…

Meanwhile, to ease the email strain, perhaps you could pass on to him, firstly, of course, my best wishes; but also my concern that his Nav program (SOB, which I supply) may be approaching a “”use-by”” date.

If you could include the following text to him at your first opportunity, please…
If SOB reports the following message: “”This program is out of date please contact digiboat””
Then: 1) Temporarily wind back your PC clock a few months 2) start SOB 3) click to make the chart active, then press CTRL-ALT-6 at the same time 4) copy the “”Unlock Number”” for level 666 5) enter the number-part only for level 666, in the “”About SOB”” form, for unlimited access 6) ensure that SOB is unlocked to AccessLevel 666 then exit SOB 7) restore the correct date with the PC clock 8) apply these steps with any computers running SOB.
SOB should now function free of any time-outs. Bon Voyage.

Simon, thanks for use-by date info – hope I can find all that. Do you want the track info – can burn cd and send fromStanleyif so.

From Mike H.
Looks like things are tough going at the moment. John Clark has been in touch with me to make sure there is a case of Guinness ready for you in Stanley. No problem. Coopers could be hard to find though – any other preference? Let me know if I can help in any way.

Mike – Guinness would be fine thanks – plus anything else you think might offer appropriate medical properties.

From Mairi
Hello chaps! Hope all is well. Am at college at the moment, and have
just handed in history coursework. Am off now to eat lots of chocolate,
and play snooker!

Hi Mairi – you wouldn’t believe it but I’ve evolved into a life form that can resist chocolate unless someone gives me some. Not sure about snooker – used to be smoke-filled room stuff when exams loomed.

We are once again hand steering in almost no wind. We haven’t had a good 100+ mile day for ages now and the Horn seems to be getting further away. I reckon this is beginning to feel like the 36K mark – half way mentally and most of the work still to do.

Today inAustralia, tomorrow out here, March 2, is my mother’s 90th birthday. Happy Birthday, Ethel, and many of em. Would all youse all please join me in wishing her all the best and drinking her health – we get to do it twice here. She’s got two of the three kids with her in Malta and Pete and I will try and speak to her on the satphone if the bloody thing works properly. Still only lets me call Australia, which is only marginally better than nothing.

Simon – have forestalled the Hand of Time and pre-elevated myself to Heaven. Thanks. Seems to work ok. Will do the other laptop when I resurrect it – different code presumably?.

John C – thanks for contacting Mike inStanley- he’s been in touch and offered assistance and Medical Supplies.

Mike H – further to my last – some info about facilities in Stanley would be useful – ?laundry, stainless welder/rigger, sailmaker, diesel, hardware supplies (plastic tubing, jerry cans/containers etc) supermarket? Is there somewhere to park the boat alongside for a few days? Bed and breakfast type accommodation? A Pub?? Thanks.

Hilary – have just had a bit of cake #2 for breakfast. Naice! Cold sunshine, water @ 7.5 deg. still v. little wind. If you can manage it, could you please ring Telstra Mobile Satellite and ask them if there’s any reason why our phone wont talk to anywhere except OZ.

Is – will try to ring us fromMaltatomorrow GMT.

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