FROM 1-7. Near the Horn

Mar 02, 2005 - 1100hrs UTC

Sitrep: 1100hrs 02 Mar 2005 UTC 54’43”S 099’35”W Map Ref 92

Sadly, it seems my satellite phone only talks to Australia. Fat lot of use that is. Telstra, are you listening?

So – by cyberspace and stone age HF radio, a very special Happy 90th Birthday to my Mother Ethel in Malta, with lots of love from her rather smelly son and his equally smelly mate down here in the southern ocean. We’ll come and see you in a few months time when we get to England.

Otherwise, not much to report. Still very soft and we’re running the engine to charge the battery. Drifted north west during the night. Six straight hours sleep was a bit of OK though.

From Kristen M.
ok, will attempt short message.

Went to a wedding in CA yesterday for an old friend who’s been trying
to find the right woman for years and years. He’s been on more first
dates than any 10 of my other friends. Half way through the ceremony
the Rabbi was forced to truncate her long-windedness because he
fainted. He came to and they did finish… She does seem right for
him, but the irony was quite good.

I’ve been wondering if the bick got off in Dunedin, since I haven’t
heard word of it amidst the whining of languishing generators and
legs. Also, is there fishing gear on berri?

You haven’t expressed an opinion about what you’d like to hear so I’ll
comment briefly on how the pattern of the Republicans doing their best
to bankrupt the US govt seems to be continuing. Like the cold war,
only directed internally. The latest round is the attempt to
privatize social security which won’t do anything for the funding
shortfalls but will focus a much larger percentage of the population
on the success of the stock market (to the detriment of little things
like the environment I fear). I’ve decided to do my bit of
consumerism and purchase a stereo. My first.

Time for the 1:00pm walking meeting.
take care,

Kris – correct re the bick – abandoned, sadly, at last stop. Would have worked and legs and battery really need it at the mo but too bulky. Loved the wedding story.

From George S.
Alex & Peter, when you eventually reach the UK, if you have the time try and
check-out the Contessa 32 still being built in Lymington, at the rate of two
a year. I’ve just read a mag article and you could easily substitute the
word Brolga for Contessa, even their profiles! The only difference appears a
bridge deck and 1ft less!
And Peter, Jeanie has agreed to doing the short-haul on Saturday!

George – We know about Contessas. Bloody things rate better than us too.

From Malcom
Hi Guys,

Tierra del Fuego and Biggles

Biggles went to the Southern most tip of South America in “”Biggles at World’s
End””, 1959. Pete, your anticipation was right, Ginger helped Biggles fly the
Gadfly seaplane as did Bertie and Algy. They were looking for gold hidden on
and unknown Island in Tierra del Fuego by the German navy during WW2. Erich
von Stalhein told them about the gold (nostalgia nostalgia).

After numerous adventures, the theft of the gold by a Russian whaling ship,
and later recovery by the Royal Navy, of course, Biggles returns to England
which rightfully owns the gold. Sorry guys the gold is no longer there.

If it had been Ronny Biggs, instead of Biggles, the gold might have come to

Malcom, thanks for Spiky doggerel and bigglesmania. Seaplane huh?

From Michael G.
Photo display on reception desk of Giblin enterprises “Dear Alex and Peter,
It’s lovely rating a mention in your most fascinating log. I look forward every second day when I do my emails to getting the latest gen.
You asked what photo will be displayed. I chose the very obvious one from the web-site with Alex posing on the front of the boat with the number 37 on the starboard side of the hull and with the green Rolex logo next to it.
Under the picture, on the reception desk (as of tomorrow morning) are the words: Alex Whitworth on board Berrimilla, presently sailing around the world with Peter Crozier. Want details?
I hope you approve.
Keep going strong for the horn. Very soon you will have 900 plus miles to go and counting down.
With every good wish.

Michael G – that’s Steve (webmaster) in the white hat on the foredeck but there’s no need to frighten the troops with the fine print! Nice to know we’re on display and interesting to see whether the hit rate goes up.

Allan – not that sort of headbanger, unlike some of your ex mates.

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