FROM 1-7. Near the Horn

Mar 05, 2005 – 2050hrs UTC

Sitrep: 2050hrs 05 Mar 2005 UTC 54’45”S 087’50”W Map Ref 101

Having safely traversed the slough of despond with help from Marvin and the Doctor,a happy surprise. Seems we’re back on line. The Chilean station lost its phone connection to the internet for 3 days. Just to tally any missed messages, I sent 6 in the down time – I think – 03/1216;1835;2348, 04/1815; 05/0105; 1430. Have saved them all. I also tried to send at least one of these via satcom but was advised by the system that delivery had failed – not always accurate, so you may have got it.

We have received from you Davids “Gizmos” and the mailcall of 05/0915 with the long mail from Ann G.

Latest grib says we are due for 50+ from the sw in about 3 days, which is a bit of a blot on any anticipatory feelings. Thinking of you toiling the track up there. Ambivalent!

Later 06/0005 -687 we’ve now got 40kt from the sw and big building beam sea. #5, no main, about 6kt vmg. Really only getting about 100 miles a day in this stuff – could go faster but bloody scary and uncomfortable to do so – Malcolm’s clenched cheeks would be in order. On the back of the same low we were avoiding a few days ago, and there’s another right behind it. Very cold on the hands when doing stuff on deck. Lanolin still the go. Dinner time – tvp with cans of “breakfast mix” or some such. See yez.

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