FROM 1-10. South Atlantic-Going up

Mar 26, 2005 - 1545hrs UTC

1545hrs 26 Mar 2005 UTC Map Ref 127

Hi Brittany, Some rough predictions for tomorrow morning GMT:

0400  50 02S 055 25W

0530  49 57S 055 21W

0700  49 52S 055 18W

We are tracking roughly 040M @ about 5 knots.

There is a low pressure system moving in from the west and things may change – I don’t have enough information to make more than an educated guess – and with it will be lots of cloud. Leroy will be in a much better position to see what is happening and decide whether it is worth continuing. No need to call us if not – we will be able to see for ourselves by then and we’ll cross our fingers for Monday.


[ed: an article from the Falkland Islands Press here]

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