FROM 1-7. Near the Horn

Mar 4, 2005 - 1815hrs UTC

1815hrs 04 Mar 2005 UTC 54’45”S 091’12”W Map Ref 98

Short one this time – we think there may be a problem with sailmail. At this morning’s reading of the tea leaves, it seems we may be in this very sexy westerly for a day or two. We have touched wood, figuratively sacrifced ritual beasties from the feral menagerie and will shortly offer a (smallish) libation to placate S/he Who Must Be Placated and let’s keep hoping. We are sitting on the 990hp isobar, which is running east-west and we expect the pressure to rise as we fall out of the back of the low and the isobars start to go north south and increase, so we are watching the barometer.

Meanwhile, bread is happening and socks are once again cooking gently.

Small Apology to Telstra. Having spoken to them, I now know that the reason my satphone won’t talk to anyone outside Oz is because the Kyocera handset is obsolete and no longer supported by Iridium. It worked fine in Australia and I assumed it would be OK elsewhere as well and I wanted to save some money. Bad assumption. A link to Oz is in any case better than no link.

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