FROM 1-13. Across the Equator &1st circumnavigation

May 06, 2005 - 0800hrs UTC

0800hrs 07 May 2005 UTC Map Ref 205

Yesterday one ship, today none, we may be back in the exclusion zone.

Wind has been steady at 15-20 kts from NE. We have been hard on the wind all day, sheets slightly eased to help Berri get through a rather short lumpy sea, making a little west of north at 4-5 knots. No strong squalls today,s good sun and speed so used the desalinator to make water with the excess electricity and did some washing.

Yesterday I started to reply to some of your emails but got only as far as Allan F. Somebody (I think it was Isabella} asked if Fenwick was real. Of course he’s real, he is also one of nature’s gentlemen. I gave him a bit of a rev up, in his last emails he has sounded a bit down as some bastard had stolen his bike.

Woc.   Had meeting of the Swim in the boll Club on the equator at about 30 west. Only two events 50 m. and 100 m. sprints. Not a large entry list either, one per event. It was a little lonely up on the podium for the trophy presentation but when the flag was raised and the anthem played I behaved like a true podium professional. A small amount of salt to the back of the hand does the trick wait for the camera to come in on close up then a quiver to the bottom jaw and the hand is wiped across the eye the eyelid flutters and on cue the tear. I even used the rugby players ploy, singing the first verse of Waltzing Matilda, four lines out of sync with the anthem. The trophy of course was two cans of the Dublin Doctor with the tops pulled.

 To get Cam up to speed for his big event in Germany buy a copy of our book   “The Podium ….How to get the best result once you get there”, I think its still available at most good bookstores.

Heggie  Hope all is well with Brenda, I have a fair amount of info on the wildlife we have seen, yesterday saw a mass of translucent blobs in the water they were everywhere by the time I got a bucket to obtain a sample they were gone. Cooked up a flying fish for breakfast a few days ago they are like tailor oily but quite dry.

Barry D  The computer lives on the chart table. It has stops to keep it in place and when not in use is held down with a strap. Thanks for the good info on the meteors.

Eve   My daughter is working on an oil rig (jack up type) off the coast of WA near Barrow Island. She is about halfway through a 28 day shift doing the midnight to midday watch. Don’t worry things start to move quickly once you get past half way.

Gerry W  Your talk of times in the Med reminded me I wonder whatever happened to Lutine. How’s life in Clunes.

Michael and Julie good to have you on board.

Dave off Sylvara hope to meet up with you in England a check of the web should find  us.

Kees thanks for thinking of J H and K  would love to be with you for the dinner dried food gets to you after a while.

James and Elaine keep an eye on Barry if you are at Jamberoo this weekend I’m sure he could handle a full workload now. Annie and Karl I can smell the curries from here.

Isabella  Alex has been complaining about how fat and unfit he is at the moment could you  devise some landscape labouring to bring him back to peak for the return journey. I hear that he has had some experience in this field.

The sun just came up. No ships again last night….Whooooo…Hoooooo…..

I’ve used up my space so I’ll get out of your way now      cheers   Pete.

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