FROM 1-14. Nearly to Falmouth

May 16, 2005 - 1515hrs UTC

1515hrs 16 May 2005 UTC 24’52”N 035’17”W Map Ref 223 5374nm (2063nm to Falmouth)

desperately frustrating day trying 2 find prob. with hf – huge un/repack of both sides of back of boat – clearly lots of moisture has got under q’berths – 30 amp fuse ok, has power. no luck. cant find spare fuses – thought they were taped to fuseholders but not, nor with elec. spares. physically v tiring. laptop crashing every time i managed to get sob and satcom to work together ) reboot each time. seems to be intermittent incompat’y – have sorted timeclock difference – may be when satcom receives or transmits. depressing – marvin without emotion – not this old fart.

advised to stay high because nasty low forming to west. wind/sea just 2 much for #2 + 2 reefs ) down to #3 tracking about 010t @ 5+ knots – down from 6+ with 3 but safer and easier on boat and rig. and crew. crossed trop of cancer too – consltd. it’s lambs navy, but by colour alone. amazing.

jeremy b in falmth – appreciate if u cd finger best avail. marine electrician for us asap after arrival – probably minimum 2 day job.

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