FROM 1-22. Still heading south south east

Sep 29, 2005 – 0900hrs UTC

0900hrs 29 Sep 2005 UTC 19’18”S 026’46”W Ref 393

DB 105, 8897, gps 101 40/70 and still inching eastwards. In the middle of huge re-invention of our space – jerry cans going, external tank inside, empty cockpit etc. stuff everywhere while the wind allows – so must keep this short.

From Paul R, Brunei

 Hello from a Pom at 04 35′ N 114 15’E. I’m yet another who has been introduced to you via my YM subscription. I have been delighted to read your very readable log and follow your progress. “”Who’d sail in the tropics?”” you wrote a few days ago. There are a small group of us here in Brunei who do so on a regular basis. We have an aged Hood 38 which belongs to Brunei Shell which we use at weekends to sail round the oil platforms. That’s about as exciting as it gets (apart from the thunderstorms). Fortunately, even though we live in a dry country, the Sultan allows us to attend a special clinic where we can find doctors from England and Ireland plus of course the Singapore doctor (but he has been known to do more harm than good!). There are lots of your fellow countrymen here, in fact it’s a little home from home for them. The local supermarket sells Arnotts biscuits, Coons cheese, Vegemite and we even drink Australian milk!

 Reading your logs has caused me to ponder on how our paths cross as we wander through life. I realized that without knowing about you both, or Berrimilla until a few days ago, our paths have crossed twice in less than a year, separated by huge distances. The first was when I watched the start of the S2H from Shark Point in 2004 when I was on holiday with the family (hired motorhome, down the coast as far as Jervis Bay), and I found the second when browsing through your pics. I spotted Buckler’s Hard, I had never been there myself until as a tourist in my own country in August, I missed you by a couple of weeks! I had a memorable pint outside in the sunshine on that very bench!

 So here’s to you both as I consult with the Manchester doctor, Dr Boddington, (who now apparently comes from Luton), you’re an inspiration to myself a mere youngster of 53 who would leap at the chance to sail back to blighty from here one day. Grounded at the moment, non-sailing wife, teenage kids etc. but I’m with you all the way, and I’ll raise a glass as you pass Perth (almost due south from here) in a few weeks time!

G’day Paul R – we’ll wave fromPerth- I’ve been to one of those clinics too – I needed a medical certificate before the Consultation took place! Just up the road from you inLabuan.

Nice one, JG.

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