FROM 1-30. To abeam Cape Leeuwin

Nov 30, 2005 – 0400hrs UTC

0400hrs 30 Nov 2005 UTC 46’12”S 110’09”E Ref 601

Closer, closer, now! Leeuwin about 2 days away and Cape 4 will be in the bag. We are, for the moment, doing it easy – nice northerly, #1 and full main, pointing directly at the corner at >5 vmg. Life should be so pleasant. There is a low ahead of us which will, I think, move out of the way, and a gale warning about a cold front 12 hours behind which will swing the wind round to the NW ahead of it and SW behind, 30-40kt forecast. Once again, bring it on! Will be severe and uncomfortable as usual, but not threatening. It’s all relative – very rough seas in this context is a canter compared to some of the Examiner’s little gems from the past. I expect she’s softening us up for something nasty.

Far far be it for me to stick my neck out, but Dec 11 or 12 at SE Cape is now a definite possibility. Hard to get around that idea! I find it astonishing, amazing, gobsmackingly froody that it looks as if we could complete all six Acts more or less according to the script and without use of the prompt. Act 6 will be the three trips over the S2H course as scenes 1,2 & 3. See below re eviction notice.

Two wonderful emails today – Eric and Caroline, thank you – I will try to reply personally later, but uplifting and humbling all at once to read them. Would love to use them in the book, please, anon. if you wish. Could you please let me know?

I have decided to give up on Xantic – so much to say and it’s just too stressful sitting down and putting together one of these and sending it off only to have it bounce with no credible explanation. Haven’t counted, but there must have been about 100 bounces in the last couple of weeks with all the attendant hassle. Accordingly, I will use sailmail when I can get a reasonable connection – in practice, usually in the evening local time, so they may become longer, but further apart. If I can get out on a higher frequency that 10 megs, may be more frequent, but depends on temperament of usb device.

We have just received an eviction notice from The Council – seems our little bus shelter is to be demolished on Jan 10 2006 for the construction of a fast food emporium. Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz and his constructor fleet couldn’t shift us, but Hamburger Magalopolis has more clout. Sad, really and I don’t know how we’re going to keep up the illusion. Anyone got any ideas – we’re getting lots of messages about an Impending Deprivation that some of you out there have foreseen once this gig is over? We do have a book to write and we could keep the alert list going with news of that and there’s the London Marathon for the headbangers, else, a big empty space. We have only one taker so far for the Marathon – if you are even a teeny bit interested, might be a good idea if you register that interest before the bus shelter goes, so that we can keep you advised.

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