FROM 1-22. Still heading south south east

Oct 03, 2005 - 0830hrs UTC │ Bus shelter and Vogons

0830hrs 03 Oct 2005 UTC 26’10”S 024’58”W Ref 409

Between Double Island Point and Noosa.

Just put the main back up with 3 reefs. Pathetic really – 25 knots of breeze but we cant afford to go any faster until the seas abate – or until we know these squalls have stopped. Which they haven’t – there’s one a couple of miles to windward looking at us.

Wendy P, we’ve just Consulted with one of your medicinal potions and very effective it was – thanks. Haven’t got to the sweeties yet – they are for when things get really tough. Which they will.

A word of explanation for all those who have signed on after reading YM or YW: all this twaddle about bus shelters and Vogons goes back a long way – before we spoke to the International Space Station, somewhere in the south Pacific. I started to make fun of the conspiracy theorists who know – doesn’t everyone? – that NASA never got to the Moon, it was all done in a Hollywood studio. Likewise, we’re not really flogging ourselves through the South Atlantic – we’re in Fox studios in Sydney dreaming it all up over countless Consultations. The bus shelter was a way of explaining how the cockpit moves around in the warehouse seas down there on the other side of the Horn or it might have been this side – I don’t remember. And Vogons? Well, a bit of Hitchhiker never does any harm. Interestingly, I’ve been listening to my tiny Chinese short wave radio when the weather has allowed and there’s a station which I’m sure must be based in the southern USA on which the talkback host and his callers seem to be convinced that the US Government has the technology to influence the weather and was responsible for sending Hurricanes Katrina and Rits to the Gulf of Mexico. They get quite passionate about it. I wish – would someone ask G Dubya to fix our little spot of bother down here and send us off towards Cape Town!

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