FROM 1-21. Equator to Left Turn

Sep 22, 2005 - 0915hrs UTC

0915hrs 22 Sep 2005 UTC 04’33”S 026’38”W Ref 381

DB: 121, 9786 (GPS 125) My propagation window now ends at about 0900, resuming again if we’re lucky, at around 1700, so I think I will not get your next post till this evening. This may not go either.

 We have been outrunning the sun on our way down the heffalump’s rump and we just beat it across ADC – aft dead centre, the equator – today is the equinox. We should continue to stay ahead of it down to the Tropic of Capricorn so the bus shelter will start to get cooler – woohoo. The moon passed very satisfactorily to the north of us last night, Orion is turning on his head with dear old Betelgeuse heading towards the northern horizon. I saw the pointers, Rigil Kent and Hadar, last night before the moon rose, but the Southern Cross itself was down in the murk layer just above the horizon. Tonight perhaps. We are still going west, by a smidgin, and we won’t turn properly for home for about 10 days at least – it will depend on what develops down at 20+ south near Trindade.

 I have just discovered that some of my emails are not getting through – please let me know if you didn’t get yours. Ho Hum. I think it may be to do with virus checkers not liking our sailmail address. For instance, nothing I have ever sent to RORC has got there and I’ve been wondering almost since NZ what we might have done to offend them.

And on RORC, I think our best imitation of Uriah Heep might be in order – we are deeply happreciative of the great ‘onour bestowed hupon us and werry ‘umble. Two old geezers in a battered old boat should BE so lucky! And once again we will be late for the party. Must do better.

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