FROM Village Girl

Well, that was interesting

And frustrating. We went out to have a look, assuming the current was with us. It wasn’t, spectacularly. My mistake. The tracker will show how we went- but it doesnt show the huge upwellings and whirlpools around Rock point, where the waters meet the land in a grand and frightening maelstrom. It started about as we arrived and we had nowhere t0o go except into it. VG was tossed and twirled with a lot of force. We out out of that, but could not make serious progress into what was about a 5 knot flow southward and there’s nowhere to duck into before Knox bay if things got really pearshaped so we did the prudent thing and came back here. Again. Meh! We will try again tomorrow at 0600ish. and GRIB weather is useless here. I think the processing delay may be the problem. ———————————————–

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