FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

0830.34 16416.40 Berri to the Funsters!

Go the Funsters! Great to have you on board. Is there anything you want to know about what we are doing? We can try to answer your questions if you send them to us, but we have to keep it all short so that we can actually transmit your questions and our answers over the radio. They go from the internet to a computer in a sailmail station somewhere in the world (we’re using the one in Honolulu at the mo) and the computer converts them into digital signals and sends them over the radio to our modem in the boat and our computer converts them back into text. All rather slow by mobile phone standards and we are only alloowed 10 minutes per day on the radio. I can use a satellite phone to transmit as well, but that’s very expensive.

Kimbra – got yours re DB – noonsite prob has the details. Would like to have Hbrmaster’s phone # and vhf freq if poss. DB prob v busy. We may not be able to get as high as your GC courses, especially if the wind kicks in further north so could end up west of your waypoints. I have looked at your files and that seems ok. I have the pdf arctic pilot #9 but hard to access – if you have time. cd you please just check the unalaska stuff and make sure there are no potential showstoppers.

H – well fed! and well done. Hang on to the books – can’t remember who or why at this stage. The sea here is dark grey blue – not the bright iridescent deep ocean blue but that may just be that it’s mostly overcast.

End of 0200 – 0400 night watch. Took ipod on deck but never got it out – spent the time thinking about Robert M Pirsig. Next blog maybe, but it will be a ‘Hi mermaid…’ blog if I do.

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