FROM 2-3. Dutch Harbor (Aleutians)

5441 16642 The bastards are at it aqain.

Well, I told you this little banana was a finely balanced act. Seems that Murphy and Herself the Examiner are in collusion again. 60 miles north, we started the donk as the wind died and things didn't seem right. McQ heard a noise, and I knew that the prop was not delivering power. We tried all the usual stuff – no vibration, so hasn't shed a blade, reverse to unwind the Examiner's errant stocking, ahead again and it seemed to be ok. Then not ok. Stern gland leaking a lot of water. Still nothing obvious, but there did seem to be some extra vibration. Anyway, no choice really – we're heading back to Dutch, dead into wind in cold misty rain at a bout 3 knots so 16 hours or so to go.

You're all the first to know. Could be a big one, could be just a bit of kelp round the prop – just don't know, but not a little dispiriting. Happiness not in great abound. As the Great Man said, it's all gone tits up and I need a G & T.

More as we discover…

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