FROM 2-8. Baffin Bay-Nuuk (Greenland)

6750 05805 Lizzie hasn't whizzed

I've been having unusual problems with all the electronic stuff – loong story but it all seems to have been due to very low battery power. Been running the engine all day and now fully charged @ 14 volts. Not sure what happened, but might be something to do with the whizzer.

Have finally found a phone number that works for officialdom in Greenland. It is for their equivalent of the coastguard. Called in to report possible arrival in Nuuk wednesday and was told to report 4 times per day from now on – 'for my own protection' – and that I had 30 minutes to make the call each time or they would initiate SAR. I told them where we have come from and that this seemed a bit excessive especially given the difficulty in communicating. We compromised on once a day which I can live with. Today's little bit of irony!

Will keep trying to send these…

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