FROM 2-14. Cape Town-Kerguelens


0630 position 26th December 3646 02026 trip 105 DMG 84 and at almost exactly 0200 this morning, just as the Hobart race was starting, we crossed from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean.

We are tooling along at the southern end of the Agulhas tongue in a 30 kt westerly with wind waves over the predominant SW swell of the southern ocean so rolling uncomfortably but all seems ok so far, says he grabbing the nearest bit of wood. Single small headsail poled out to port and about half furled and doing 5-6 knots.

I have broken out my TPS dry suit and hope tyo dispense with all the other clobber necessary to keep warm and dry, but will try living in it for the next couple of days before I put the other stuff away. Reminds me of the immersion suits we used to wear flying over the sea – pee tube and all.

Lots of albatrosses and dark petrels – albatrosses I think grey headed or salvins again but really difficult to identify – there are hundreds of small variations in colour, shape, plumage etc – jizz – and each species has different variations as they mature.

I think – and hope – we are south of the ships.

Hope youse all had the best christmas – we had a fairly gentle one – and thanks to everyone who sent us messages. Too many to list.

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