FROM 2-8. Baffin Bay-Nuuk (Greenland)

McQ: The Bet #2

I wasn't gloating over winning the last bet!!! I just like to win, that's all!!
And I've challenged K to a new bet… What is the highest temperature that the sea will reach between here and our Nuuk fjord entrance, where we hang a left to go up to the harbour, tomorrow… 60ish miles and I've gone for an extravagant 12.4 degrees, and she has gone for a much more conservative 8.5 degrees… watch this space!!! (we are at 7.8 at the moment!!!)
All good, storming along still with a wee touch of headsail poled out and 26 to 28 knots wind behind us, still gusting 30 at times, and chomping away at the miles, Kevvo mostly got it under control!!!
The bear, the walrus, the giant mosquito, the arctic lemmings et al, waved us a fond farewell and best wishes for a safe onward passage, from their slightly rollicking Fox's Glacier Mint (a definite precarious perch in these humungous seas) last night at 0250 UTC as we crossed the Arctic Circle- and certainly, I still can't quite believe it!!!

Lots of love

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