FROM 2-14. Cape Town-Kerguelens

Still stuck in Africa

More ferals – there are a couple of Prions displaying around us – small shining white greyish speckled and gracefully acrobatic. And a glimpse of a Storm Petrel, small one. In case anyone is interested in seeing what I'm seeing, the book I'm using to try to put names on them all is Onley, Derek and Paul Scofield, Albatrosses, Petrels and Shearwaters of the World, Princeton Field Guides, Princeton U.P., Princeton, N.J., 2007 sent to me by Carla via Amazon – thanks C! Wonderful book.

Sue – just checking that all those wind speeds are kmh not knots. If so, manageable. Have chart will travel. If we can anchor in Baie de l'Oiseau, which Cook named Christmas Harbour, and follow in the wake of Ross and Crozier and all the the rest, my year will be made. They all had to warp up the bay – square riggers don't point – but we might even sail in. Does ambition have no fetters?

Becalmed at nearly 40 S – not expected! Still in the clutches of the current and going north at 2.5 knots. Frustratious but a glorious night.

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