FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

2709.47 16824.53 Thu 15/05/2008 18:59

Before we left, I was interviewed in depth by a Master’s student for his thesis. He was interested in certain qualities in crews that make boats go faster and it was a fascinating discussion. Been thinking more about that since, and I think the one that I did not fully emphasise is the one that is absolutely the sine qua non of the successful single or shorthanded sailor – an acute, intense focus on the boat – first, middle and last. No detail is too small, no problem should ever be left unfixed except by deliberate decision, no mystery can be left unresolved, nothing but nothing should be allowed to intervene. It’s an exceptional responsibility and not everyone has the capacity. The boat talks to you, tells you how it feels, smothers you in detail and it’s essential that you pay attention even when you are asleep – yes – I wake up if the leech is fluttering or if there is a different noise – and race crews get used to my head poking out of the companionway and saying ‘Oi! what’s going on?’ And it fills me with delight when I see other boats’ crews climbing aboard for a Hobart race with cameras, ipods, mobile phones and the rest – onya guys! Go for it!

MJC – I would have thought trades, constant @ 20 kts say, at high rotational velocity as well would be main engine for water flow and diversion of current to the east up north is result of coriolis not wind. Too hard! At the mo, we’re banging into 3 knots as we track north. Weird and frustraring.
Carla – them bloody Vogons! But then, might have been a bit of poor battered Marvin’s BTSOAP. The Eeyore bit, perhaps! Definitely no sound last night, but an awesome flash.
H – pear and fennel chutney sublime. Eating with teaspoon as nowt else to eat it with. Hard on the teeth though. (Erk!) Ta re Wendy – pleas e tell her – again – that she doesn’t have to ask, just send soft copy of the bill. Also, I may be using it a bit in the next month or so. Good to know the system still works. Will contact Paul and DC. Cd you please call Spowie and tell Bev we’re into her mango pot as well?

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