FROM 2-6. Tuktoyaktuk-Cambridge Bay

Closing circles 7008 13119

I sent the last sailmail message to the website via the Lunenburg, Nova Scotia sailmail station. When we were sailing up the Atlantic in 2005, Lunenburg was the station that seemed always to be in range or contactable. Again, on the way back to Hobart after the Fastnet that year, we used Lunenburg for a long way south. It's like meeting an old friend again and kind of special to be coming in from the other direction. It is 2486 miles from here – we must sail past it to stay on Pascal's dotted line.

There's an icebreaker, Sir Wilfred Laurier, anchored 4 miles away, down sun in the most magnificent display as the sun lights the clouds brilliant red and orange from just below the northern horizon.

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