FROM 2-1. Sydney-Equator

Fortune cookie

Yesterday we were sent a tiny slip of paper from a fortune cookie that said ‘The ship is safer in the harbour but it is not meant for that’. Today is the day that the good ship Berrimilla will become our little cradle on the ocean – the incredibly monstrously gobsmackingly huge, awesome indifferent ocean. There is always apprehension and trepidation – and this time a fair dose of both as we know from experience what the ocean can do.

It’s an ambitious project and really, we have no right to any expectations. We move today from the dream to reality and we just have to work it out as we go. Customs at noon, probably a farewell Consultation or two, a final fag for McQ and the ocean. No more Facebook! DONT PANIC!

Or maybe just the old bus shelter….a battered computer, a pile of empty cans and mcwrappers swirling amongst the scrofulous pigeons – safety and make believe.

Who knows?

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