FROM 2-6. Tuktoyaktuk-Cambridge Bay

K: Midnight meanderings

Hmmm, looking back on the track Corrie's sailed over the last few hours, my only conclusion is that she must have overdosed on chocolate oreos pretty early on in her watch!

Since coming on deck, I've watched the windex circle the mast-top aimlessly to the point that I've given up on sailing altogether and have dropped the mainsail too. At least we're motoring in the right direction! I'm now brewing a coffee and hiding from the rain – Corrie forgot to mention the big grey cloud that caught up with us on the watch change, probably part of the reason she headed to her bunk cackling.

If I turned the boat 90 degrees to starboard now while everyone else is asleep, I could hijack Berri and head down to the Smoking Hills at the bottom of Franklin Bay. Unfortunately, they're too far off our track and the others would be well and truly awake before we got there. Pity, sounds like a fascinating place.

Not really a lot else to report – just waiting for the wind to fill in so we can keep pootling across Amundsen Gulf. And today's shade of grey of course! The sea started out as liquid mercury at the other end of the day, with hints of pink and blue as the sun rose. At this end of the day it's more like used tinfoil that someone's flattened out ready to use again but left in the drawer for a few months – all crinkly and slightly tarnished and dull. I'm pretending that the big grey cloud isn't out there, so I'm not even going to contemplate it's shade of grey, apart from the fact that it's wet-looking.

OK, kettle's boiled so I'm outta here. Ta ra all!


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