FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

Noon + a bit 0335.18 16412.59

DTD 3392 so dmg 83 and none of them fun

Nastier and nastier, said Alice. And so it came to pass. Almost solid tropical downpour with 25 – 30 kts for the last few hours. Dark grey slightly translucent sky merging into silvery craggy moonscape sea with soft white texture as the surface seems to float above itself as bouncing raindrops. Vis about a boat length, but there’s no way you can look into wind without goggles. On the assumption that we must get north to get free, we’re motoring as fast as seems reasonable in the conditions – about 3.9 – 4 kts OTG – must remember to keep the fuel tank at least half full to avoid bubbles in the uptake line. Will be hard to top up in these conditions – wild gyrations even with the main up and a couple of reefs to steady her. We must get at least 100 miles further up the meridian….YUK! Later – now sailing again – conditions no better – Kimbra says we have this until Monday, worst tomorrow. Bleeeah!

Captions – we both liked the last one (will Alex tidy up…) because it related directly to the pic, but we decided that no 9 (there’s bound to be a tin opener) wins. By a whisker. Highly commended was the reference to Fenwick.

Kris – I hear you are playing anorak games with Speedy – have you told him about your 0500 beer in Berri?
DW – belated happys. Might see you in Dutch.
Ann – illegal (I’m told) and certainly negligent and insane not to have a rifle if you are ever likely to meet a hungry bear. Of the various options then available to you, you could try talking it out of eating you as your opening gambit, if you want to. Nice to have a fall back though, as bears can outrun humans. We might easily get stuck in the ice somewhere and have to walk out. We will have a rifle, as a last resort.

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