FROM 2-3. Dutch Harbor (Aleutians)

A tinge of sadness...

Usually, I start one of these full of ideas. Not this morning – no idea what will be in it. Arrived on the bike at the GA very early this morning before breakfast to find the evidence of what must have been a biggish night even by DH standards – pools and splashes and trails of technicolour yawn everywhere outside the front door and along the footpaths. A coupled of hours later, after going back to Berri and packing and repackinbg the spare laptops and electrical gear behind the nav station and Eric and the troops have had the fire hoses out and hosed it all away.

As Steve says in the gustbook, we had a wonderful evening at his house – mountains of crab, lots of wine and laughter – Whitters completely knackered after sorting the gearbox as you can see in Steve’s pics, here.

And I’m honoured, Steve, to have my own little spot in your blog. Maybe I saw the eagle, but it was my nice piece of glass (as Speedy calls the nik lens) that focussed it and a very clever camera.that recorded it. I will today post another cd of mostly Ballyhoo pics to Speeds plus a somewhat used gearbox to John in Sydney.

And Steve gave us his magic silver dollar – which he carried all around the USA on his motor bike – it’s now on Berri’s magic wall – He said we are to buy ourselves a beer when we get to England, but not before. Thanks Steve. Lovely gift!

Other nice things keep happening – I woke yesterday to find a little packet of smoked salmon and some dig bosketty things in the cockpit – no note – but I later found a note floating next to the boat – Thanks Sue! Dig boskets to be eaten with jam and a cold chisel – chuck the boskets, jam on the chisel and eat that instead!

Meeting Dave at the boat soon to give him back all the gear he lent us – I’ll keep the bike until this evening if possible for all the inevitable last minute errands – and we will move Berri to the outside of the jetty so that we don’t get caught by the very low tide tomorrow morning and can leave at first light. The weather looks good for a few days but that’s now! It changes almost hourly and any forecast more than a couple of days ahead is largely conjecture.

I’ll send this because gmail in basic html (all this link will manage) tends to drop drafts – there may be another one later.

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